How productivity coaching can help you


Get clarity on your goals, on your strategy and on what to focus on next so you can move forward quickly and in the right direction.


Adopt a healthy positive mindset in your business and life. Discover and work past any blocks or limiting beliefs that might be holding you back so that you can get out of your own way.


In addition to building structure and systems into your business you will also build healthy habits like sleeping well, eating well and working out so you are healthier and more productive.


Consistency is the key. A week of amazing habits followed by 2 weeks of terrible habits is not the goal. Let’s build you a tailored schedule that will have you consistently performing at your best

Client testimonials


"I approached Elisha to get his point of view on a few business development aspects for my nascent startup. He listened to my requirements carefully and responded to the questions in a very to-the-point way and also gave me perspectives that I was missing. His guidance has helped me get unstuck and stay focused on what matters. I highly endorse him for his problem solving, business aptitude and mentorship."

CEO, OX Electronics

"Working with Elisha was an incredible experience. Every meeting had its "Aha!" moments! He helped me pinpoint my weak spots - weak spots I wasn't even aware of! - and coached me to strengthen them. The assignments Elisha gave me challenged me to push myself, to go outside my comfort zone, to think more creatively. I highly recommend Elisha as a business coach!"

Personal Stylist, Styling By Jen

My experience was phenomenal. I received so much more than I ever could’ve hoped for. If you’re looking to evolve your personal or professional life I highly recommend utilizing Elisha’s Services. It wasn’t like I expected, but it was so much more beneficial to follow his structure and outline. I have created some truly amazing new habits.

Executive Project Manager Hai Creative

Before starting with Elisha I was in my second year of medical school. At that time I had many exams and was struggling with procrastination and studying effectively. By working with Elisha I was able to study much more consistently than I ever did before, resulting in passing almost all the exams that I was aiming for. Elisha was very patient and understanding and I never felt judged (which usually happens when discussing procrastination). He gave me some great insights into planning and reflecting, which I will continue to use in the future. If you're struggling with procrastination or are looking for a coach I would definitely recommend working with him.

Medical Student

"Elisha combines a strong sense of priorities with business acumen. He helped me focus on what really matters and make the appropriate adjustments to reaching my goals. I definitely recommend Elisha if you need more clarity and focus, or if you have tough decisions to make."

CEO, X80 Security

Elisha is great! He helped me identify my goal and respective practices carefully and effectively. He is a great listener and always being so supportive. I learned so much and get so much done through his help. Highly recommend Elisha to whomever is looking for a coach!


"Working with Elisha as a business coach I was able to set a clear goal that I was motivated to achieve, formulate a step by step plan on how to reach my goal and follow through to make significant progress towards my desired outcome. I am on track to reach my goal in the timeline that I planned."

Property Investor, Light Ventures

"Elisha was a great coach. He understood what my challenges were and helped me make a serious breakthrough with my business."

Michael P. Hrubos
Real Estate Agent

Coaching process

Getting clear on your goals
After understanding your current situation and your background. The first thing we will work on is getting you simple clarity what are you looking to achieve. We will work on formulating your goal in a way that is motivating for your to achieve and realistic to reach in timely manor. We focus on one specific goal at a time so that you can make meaningful progress.
Building Habits & Routines
Next we will work on setting up a tailored action plan and a customized schedule for you. You will build healthy habits and routines which support you in reaching your desired outcomes and are also realistic for your to follow consistently over the long term.
Playing to win
As you build your new habits and routines some challenges might come up. We will go deeper and figure out any limiting beliefs of block which might be holding you back. You might be pressing the gas with one foot while still having your other foot on the breaks. Often fear is the real driving force leading to play the game in order to 'not lose' as opposed to playing 'to win'. This is where the rubber meets the road and you start playing to WIN.
Momentum & Results
With all three pieces in place: Clarity, Habits and Mindset you will start to build an unstoppable momentum in your business. Everything will come together so that you feel great and experience extraordinary results.

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