business coaching can help you with


Get clarity on what you want from you business and on your short and long term goals.


Identify the simplest most direct and most effective strategy for you to reach your business goals.


Accountability and consistent and aligned focus on the right actions to grow your business and get great results.


Maintaining your focus and celebrating your wins will increase your motivation and build your business momentum.

Client testimonials


"I approached Elisha to get his point of view on a few business development aspects for my nascent startup. He listened to my requirements carefully and responded to the questions in a very to-the-point way and also gave me perspectives that I was missing. His guidance has helped me get unstuck and stay focused on what matters. I highly endorse him for his problem solving, business aptitude and mentorship."

CEO, OX Electronics

"Working with Elisha was an incredible experience. Every meeting had its "Aha!" moments! He helped me pinpoint my weak spots - weak spots I wasn't even aware of! - and coached me to strengthen them. The assignments Elisha gave me challenged me to push myself, to go outside my comfort zone, to think more creatively. I highly recommend Elisha as a business coach!"

Personal Stylist, Styling By Jen

"Elisha combines a strong sense of priorities with business acumen. He helped me focus on what really matters and make the appropriate adjustments to reaching my goals. I definitely recommend Elisha if you need more clarity and focus, or if you have tough decisions to make."

CEO, X80 Security

Elisha is great! He helped me identify my goal and respective practices carefully and effectively. He is a great listener and always being so supportive. I learned so much and get so much done through his help. Highly recommend Elisha to whomever is looking for a coach!


"Working with Elisha as a business coach I was able to set a clear goal that I was motivated to achieve, formulate a step by step plan on how to reach my goal and follow through to make significant progress towards my desired outcome. I am on track to reach my goal in the timeline that I planned."

Property Investor, Light Ventures

"Elisha was a great coach. He understood what my challenges were and helped me make a serious breakthrough with my business."

Michael P. Hrubos
Real Estate Agent
How coaching works?

business coaching

One on one sessions in person or over zoom

I helpĀ business owners build momentum by getting clarity on their top priorities and taking focused and consistent action.

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Book a free strategy session today. We'll take a look at different aspects of your business. You'll come away with concrete insights and more clarity.

Nurturing you
I will nurture you and help you consistently appreciate and celebrate yourself and your wins
Challenging you
I will challenge you to consistently show up with sharp focus and be the best that you can be.
Asking your questions
I will ask you empowering and challenging questions to help you gain clarity and get you thinking about your business and yourself from new perspectives.
Expand your comfort zone
Your biggest growth takes place outside of your comfort zone.

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This course will guide you with short video trainings and manageable step by step action guides towards getting the first clients or customers for your new business as quickly as possible.

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