Master Procrastination:
Beat Procrastination and Make Live Progress During The Workshop On A Project You've Been Putting Off

What is procrastination costing you? Join the workshop and start taking advantage of the abundant business opportunities available to you.

90 Minutes on Tue, Dec 27 2022, 11:00AM - in your time zone (New_York)

* Recording available for a limited time when you register.

Aletta - Aletta De Winter
Elisha delivered an eye-opening workshop for those of us who struggle with Procrastination. His step-by-step, interactive and scientifically researched approach, made all the difference for me as it gave me immediate insight into why my own reasoning to not get things done, is not valid at all. Added to this, Elisha gave immediate and practical solutions to get me going to achieve my goal as an entrepreneur. A highly inspiring workshop that I would recommend to any fellow Procrastinators out there.
Aletta de Winter
Owner: DnA Consult
Elisha’s Master Procrastination workshop is amazing in the many levels of insights and clarity you can utilize to banish limited thinking and procrastination. I walked away ever so grateful for my clear steps I can take. So if you are battling overwhelm and projects that are keeping you small, I highly recommend Elisha’s workshop to bust through your overthinking and procrastination.
Matt Nguyen DPM
CEO Kaizen Digital Solutions, LLC

Learn to overcome procrastination in a small group with live coaching so you can make personal progress in the workshop.

You’ll learn the causes of procrastination and work on a project that you’ve been putting off to finally get it done and free up your time for other things in your business or outside of it.

Join Us and Discover:

Elisha Klein

Elisha Klein

I help entrepreneurs manage their time, focus on what matters and be more productive in business overall. With a background in software engineering, my superpowers are intense focus and structured thinking. I use these skills to help my clients get more done in less time so they can finish the things they start instead of jumping from one shiny object to the next without accomplishing what matters.

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